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Exhibits in Mexico City and New York

Recently I had the opportunity to install my work in two exhibitions, one at the Museo Banco de México and the other at the Museum of the City of New York. Both involved a selection of visual works from ongoing projects. They also entailed the usual raft of paperwork, such as loan documents, provenance reports, and contracts for exhibition.

The exhibit at the Museo Banco de México was titled "Markets in Contemporary Art" featured 10 artists' interpretations of the theme. For the installation, the museum reproduced twelve 20"x24" images from the Mexico City Street Markets series and displayed them in grids of four. I also contributed two entries to the exhibit catalogue, one on "Tepito" (a district of Mexico City famous for its immense street market), and one on "Labor." For a gallery of these contributions to the exhibit, see this page.

The exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York was titled "City of Faith," curated by Azra Dawood. It consisted of several installations by artists, activists, and filmmakers reflecting on the topic. My piece featured a selection of 40 photographs of religious buildings and structures in Queens, projected onto a wall against a shifting geometric background and indexical map of the borough. To read more about the work, see this page.


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