Urban Theory 2.0

I am reviving the Urban Theory graduate seminar at Milano School of Urban Policy and Management at The New School. (Click the image above to go to the course page). The seminar has not been taught since Bob Beauregard departed our scrappy downtown university for the greener pastures of Columbia University. I am very much looking forward to teaching the course, and welcome any suggestions and ideas--my goal is to run it like a project-driven workshop rather than a 'book-a-week-club.' And rather than teach the course from one perspective, I will bring together humanities, social science, and art/design fields in broad pursuit of 'the urban.' Check out the course page and send ideas for rea

Infrastructure Session at SAH

I am putting together a session for the 2019 conference of the Society of Architectural Historians to be held in Providence, Rhode Island, April 24–28. Please see the description below and consider submitting a proposal if you work in this field of scholarship. Infrastructure: Global Perspectives from Architectural History We tend to think of infrastructure in utilitarian terms. But infrastructure emerges from deep within our dreams, instantiating through designed artifacts that in turn give rise to new dreams. In this sense, infrastructure unfolds in excess of itself, dense congeries of always-incomplete social relations, human desires, and material resonances that amplify and expand the w

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