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New School Grads Rock • Alexis Posey

Alexis R. Posey graduated with a Masters of Science in Urban Policy Analysis & Management from The New School in 2014. She is a social justice advocate with nearly a decade of experience in political strategy and advocacy, and she has led

multiple community based campaigns and reforms to victory.

Alexis's work examines the intersection between drug policy, HIV/AIDS, poverty, and criminal justice through a racial justice lens.

Alexis currently works as the Director of Policy at the Center for Health Equity, part of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Prior to this, she worked in the area of economic equity, particularly on HIV/AIDS and health with a focus on eliminating health disparities for Black women and girls. Additionally, Alexis worked to assess the needs of New York City neighbor-hoods and has successfully lobbied New York City government to invest millions of dollars into small business and healthcare opportunities for margin-alized communities such as the formerly incarcerated and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Prior to that, Alexis worked at the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) where she assisted in the development and implementation of policy initiatives to reduce harm associated with drug use and drug prohibition, and to end the War on Drugs. As a member of DPA’s New York policy office, she was a member of the Compassionate Care NY campaign’s lead team, which successfully led to the passage of New York’s medical marijuana legislation in 2014. Through this work, Alexis mobilized thousands of New York State residents in support of the legislation, and built relationships with elected officials on both the state and local level. Before that Alexis worked as paralegal at the New York Council on Adoptable Children, providing direct legal services to low-income families impacted by HIV/AIDS.

In 2016, Alexis was honored for her work in nonprofit and success at both the city and state level by New York Nonprofit Media’s 40 Under 40.

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