Lectures 2019 - 2020

I have given or will be giving talks on several topics this year and next, including those listed below. For descriptions, click the image above. Searching for Cosmopolis: Living Together, Apart Slow-Motion Katrina: A Heritage of Racial Capitalism Geometry of Corn and Blood Landscape Entanglements: Toward a New Descriptive Project Official Magic: Neighborhoods and Urban Imaginaries in Mexico City Architecture, Urban Form, and Assemblage Aesthetics in Mexico City's Street Markets Acceleration and Deceleration in the Post-Industrial Imaginary

Amazon, Sunnyside Yards, and Our Urban Future

We have to imagine a future where urban regeneration is no longer the prerogative of developers, but assumed as an opportunity for the exercise of the public good. Joseph Heathcott, Public Seminar magazine, 16 September 2019 Click here to read the article.

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