New School Grads Rock

Travis Bostick (MA in Theories of Urban Practice 2016) is a native New Yorker with a passion for housing. He came to The New School after completing his undergraduate studies at Bard. He chose the Theories of Urban Practice program because it allowed him the freedom to explore the intersections of race and housing from the dimensions of social theory, history, and design. He wanted to spend his time in graduate school thinking critically about the histories of race and housing, and the ways in which historically discriminatory practices contributed to contemporary dimensions of inequity -- particularly how urban housing policy shapes the construction of wealth. In addition to the breadth o

The Urban Roots of Ska

This is one of my first published scholarly articles (click the image to read it). I wrote the original paper in graduate school in 1998 or 1999 in a seminar with Prof. Casey Blake. Casey encouraged me to present it at the American Studies Association conference, which I did. One of my all-time favorite historians, Robin D.G. Kelley, happened to be in the audience, and I was humbled and thrilled that he took an interest in the piece. He invited me to contribute a version to a special issue of Radical History Review that he was co-editing with Lisa Brock on "Transnational Black Studies." The journal issue came out in 2003, and would eventually be reprinted as a book with Duke University

Cityscapes: Barrios CDMX

This edition of Cityscapes presents a selection of photographs from several barrios around Mexico City, all outside the Centro Historico. The photographs were shot between December 2016 and January 2017. Click the image above to view. The 'Distrito Fedral' is the official name of this massive urban agglomeration. Although it was recently rebranded as 'CDMX' (Ciudad de México), capitalinos continue to refer to it as the 'DF'. The city is divided into 16 delegacións, or boroughs, each with its own mayor and incorporating hundreds of small colonias, barrios, and unidads (housing developments). Founded as 'Tenoctitlán' in 1325, the Aztecs built the city over a series of lakes and marshes, the

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