Cityscapes: Mexico City

This Cityscapes post is a bit different from previous installments. Ashley and I are headed to Mexico City in a couple weeks, so I am using this opportunity to record some notes that I have made on landscape forms that I'd like to see on the ground. With a population of 20 million, Mexico City is one of the world's great agglomerations of people, a seemingly endless, sprawling, tentacular fabric of urbanization and city life. We've been there before, and have visited many of the major tourist sites, but this time we have a month and a half to travel around. To this end, I have been using Google Earth to identify a variety of urban morphologies throughout Mexico City, primarily created in

New School Grads Rock

In September 2015, a devastating earthquake rocked Nepal and claimed the lives of over eight thousand people. It destroyed half a million buildings and damaged large amounts of the country's limited infrastructure. The devastation was compounded by the poor and unsafe construction in the country. Cheaply available brick and cement is widely used, often without proper reinforcement. Adhish Gurung (seen in the photo standing on the right), has been promoting safe and sustainable construction in his home country for the last few years. Adhish graduated with a B.A. in Urban Studies from The New School in 2010. While he was a student, he focused on community organizing, urban environmentalism,

Moral Panic in a Plural Culture

I wrote this piece back in 2010 (published in Cross Currents in 2011). We were living in London at the time, and I was trying to process all of the racism and xenophobia that seemed to be increasing in the U.S. after the 2008 election. The article describes the 'moral panic' taking hold in America, which Trump has been adept at exploiting in his bid for power. Today people use the term 'Trumpism' as a synonym for 'moral panic,' but it is crucial to realize that this panic long predates Trump and goes far deeper than his absurd candidacy. Trump may be an amoral demagogue, but he has tapped into something grotesque and widespread in the culture--something that will still be with us on Nov

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