Coffee and the World

For those of you who love coffee as much as I do, you might enjoy this piece that I wrote titled "The World on a Cup: Coffee from the Kitchen Table to the Global Stage," published in The Montreal Review. It is an effort to grapple with the history and power of my morning cup, which threads together unfathomably complex social relations across time, space, and scale. Have fun!

Cityscapes: Morocco Medinas

The 'medinas' or old walled cities of Morocco are a highly varied urban form with a dynamic history stretching over two thousand years. Each medina developed within and as a response to specific regional conditions of geography, climate, politics, and social relations. Most medinas in the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) evince a mix of influences from Berber and other nomadic groups; Roman, Arab, and Ottoman incursions; and French colonial occupation. The monochromatic color schemes of some medinas derive from the natural materials once used to build: in the cases shown here, these materials include red clay in Marrakech, rammed earth in Fès, and coral lime whitewash in Essaouira. T

New School Grads Rock

Steven Deheeger (BA 2010 Urban Studies) shown here losing a staring contest with his niece, has been working as a community organizer in the South Bronx since graduating from The New School. He is the manager of City Harvest's Healthy Neighborhoods South Bronx. City Harvest operates food programs throughout the five boroughs and engages in advocacy around issues of food insecurity and environmental sustainability. Steven has also been involved with the Bronx Organizers Collective (BOC) and the South Bronx Community Food Coalition (SBCFC). As he puts it, the BOC is a place for community organizers to find support, grow with others, and build our movements and collective resilience." Mean

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