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Exhibit:               Markets in Contemporary Art
Type:                  Group show with 10 artists
Venue:                Museo Banco de México
Contribution:      The Tianguis of Mexico City

"The exhibition Markets in Contemporary Art proposes an approach to the conception of the market as a meeting space in which we continuously interact. Markets build community networks, they can be physical or virtual, conceived in the present or the future, and have a projection on a local or global scale. We seek to reflect on the impact that our decisions have on the conformation of the markets, and in turn, how these are present in our daily lives. Aided by the work of distinguished artists, the exhibit shows how each decision we make connects us to others, and how this collective interaction generates significant information in physical and virtual spaces." 
                                                   -- Excerpt from the Catalogue


My contribution to the exhibit consisted of 12 images from the series "The Tianguis Project," as well as several entries in the exhibition catalogue.  View the Gallery Below to see my contributions.

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