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Urban History Lab 2018

Students in the Urban History Lab, Fall 2018, entered the national competition to re-imagine Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. A National Landmark, Monument Ave features a series of statues glorifying the Confederacy and the narrative of the "Lost Cause." It is one of the most dramatic sites for the consecration of a white supremacist worldview--a worldview consistently and tenaciously defended under the aegis of "Southern heritage" and "honor."

Students responded to the competition theme of "General Devotion, General Demotion" with their entry "General Disruption." Working as a collaborative, they established a document on shared values to guide their work. Through multiple weeks of discussion, small task group work, prototyping and iteration, they produced the two key competition deliverables: a 300-word statement and a 32" x 48" poster. Click here or on the image to load the poster!

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