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Number:      PGUD 5015


Type:            Graduate lecture / discussion course (required)


TAs:              Rania Dallioul, Sarah Minard, Sinead Petracek



In this course, we investigate the temporality of the city. Together we seek to understand how time relates to the urban across a range of spaces, scales, and conditions. Our goal is not only to examine the development of cities over time, but also to construct what scholars call a "useable past"--that is, an account of the ideas and practices that emerge out of urban life and that present lessons for solving problems. "If we would lay a new foundation for urban life," Lewis Mumford wrote, we must identify those values that emerge from the history of cities as well as "those which may still be called forth.”  Students read across a wide range of disciplines, and work on a collaborative project.


Links:          Syllabus

                    Students celebrate competition entry 2018

                    General Disruption Poster 2018

                    Notes on the overhaul of the Lab

                    Sample assignment: Critical Reflections

                    Focus on note taking 1

Focus on note taking 2

Focus on note taking 3

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