Talks for 2019-2020
"Searching for Cosmopolis." Keynote talk for conference on Urban Diversities in the Gulf Cities and Beyond, Princeton University, Mar 2019.
Closing address for the City Food Symposium: Comparative Study of Street Vending Across Time And Place. New York University, Nov 2018.
"Sensing and the Sensorium." Remarks delivered at the Second International Conference on Urban Infrastructure, Venice, Italy, 2018.
Symposium on "Housing: 1968" at the School of Architecture, ETH-Zurich, 2018.
"Angels of Memory Guard the City in Freefall." Keynote at the Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Columbia University, 2017.
"A Tale of Two Projects: Race, Neighborhood, and Design in the City." Lecture and Workshop at the University of Iowa, 2016.
Capturing the City. Book talks and signings at the Missouri History Museum, with Angela Dietz, 2016.
The Pruitt-Igoe Myth. Post-screening Q&A at IU Cinema, 2016.
"An Urbanist in the House of History: Love from the Margins of a Discipline." Lecture and discussion with graduate students, Indiana University, 2016.
Chair, Graduate Student Writing Workshop, IPHS Conference, TU-Delft, July 2016.
"Creative Uses of Public Space." Master class for the University of Vienna Summer PhD Program, July 2016.
"For the Love of the City: Educating Planners for a Global Urban Future." Lecture at the College of Planning, Policy, and Urban Affairs, University of Illinois, Chicago.
"Voices and Visions Of St. Louis: Past, Present, Future." Keynote speaker for conference on Race, Public Policy, and Design at Harvard GSD, Mar 2016.
"A Conversation on Urbanism and Civic Engagement." Roundtable organized by Princeton School of Architecture. Mar 2016.
"The Next 100 Years of Affordable Housing." Symposium at Cooper Union, March 2016.
"Remaking Paris: Design and the Post-Industrial Imaginary in the City of Light." Presentation at Princeton School of Architecture, Apr 2016.
"Race, Neighborhood, and Urban Planning in the Twentieth Century."
Lecture at the College of Art and Architecture, Washington University.
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