Published visual works
"Cyclist, North St Louis," from Roses for the City sequence. The Fourth River magazine, 2018.
"Mexico City's Multicolored Markets From Above--In Prictures," The Guardian, 12 Oct 2018.
"Shops at Night, Jackson Heights." Packinghouse Review 12 (Fall 2018).
"Chairs, Brooklyn." Artwork for cover of Blue Mesa Review 37 (Fall 2018).
"An Urban Data Stream." Domus magazine, March 2017.
"Crosswalk, Faubourg St-Antoine." Ethnography in an Expanded Field, web project of the Graduate Institute of Design, Ethnography, and Social Thought (Feb 2016).
"Rumors of a New City." Collage. Bad Penny Review (April 2015).
"Vendors, Mombasa, 1995." Photograph. Chaffey Review VIII (Spring 2015).
"Boundary Worlds: Traveling the Brooklyn-Queens Border." Photographic and documentary essay in Urban Omnibus: The Journal of the Architectural League of New York, 15 January 2015.
"Morning in the Casbah, Marrakech, 2010." Photograph. 34th Parallel (October 2013).
"Loot." Graphic appropriation. Dark Matter 11 (Fall 2013).
"A Meal in Old Stone Town, Zanzibar." Photographic essay in The Inquisitive Eater (June 2013).
"The Archival Uncanny: A Photograph, A Family Lacunae." Rhizomes 23. Special issue on 'Deleuze and Photography.' (March 2012).
"When Angels Held Fast." Worked photograph. 5 x 5 magazine (Winter 2011).
"The Urban Oblique." Photographic series, Folly magazine (November 2011).
"Six Miles from Wall Street." Digital scan of prepared found materials. Bosphorous Art Project Quarterly (Summer 2011).
"One Night in Belleville, Paris, 2011." Photographic essay for XCP Streetnotes 19, 1 special issue on 'The New Europe" (June 2011).
"Surface Moments, Marrakech." Photographic essay for Camera Obscura 18 (March 2011).
"Sacred to the Memory." Worked photograph. Bosphorous Art Project Quarterly (Winter 2010).
"Cognitive Map of Rosedale." Drawing. On Site Review (Summer 2009).
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