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Developing a research design and writing a research proposal

Here are links to resources that can help in developing your research projects.  Research design is the systematic formulation of a viable problem statement and the methods and procedures by which you will go about approaching that problem.  The proposal is similar, but geared toward a specific end, such as a thesis proposal or a grant application, often with detailed format requirements.

George Mason University, Sociology and Anthropology, "Drafting a Research Proposal"

University of Southern California Libraries, "Writing a Research Proposal in Social Sciences"

Sacred Heart University Library, "Types of Research Designs"

University of Manchester, "Writing a Research Proposal" (Video)

Susan Liggett, et al, Models for Research in Art, Design, and Creative Industries"

Adam Przeworski and Frank Salomon, "On the Art of Writing Proposals," Social Science Research Council  [PDF]

Sydel Silverman, "Writing Grant Proposals for Anthropological Research," Current Anthropology 32(4): 485-489.  [PDF]


Nithikul Nimkulrat and Tim O'Riely, Reflections and Connections: On the Relationship Between Creative Production and Academic Research. University of Art and Design Helsinki, 2009. [PDF]

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