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Developing a research design and writing a research proposal

Here are links to resources that can help in developing your research projects.  Research design is the systematic formulation of a viable problem statement and the methods and procedures by which you will go about approaching that problem.  The proposal is similar, but geared toward a specific end, such as a thesis proposal or a grant application, often with detailed format requirements.

George Mason University, Sociology and Anthropology, "Drafting a Research Proposal"

University of Southern California Libraries, "Writing a Research Proposal in Social Sciences"

Sacred Heart University Library, "Types of Research Designs"

University of Manchester, "Writing a Research Proposal"

Susan Liggett, et al, Models for Research in Art, Design, and Creative Industries"

Adam Przeworski and Frank Salomon, "On the Art of Writing Proposals," Social Science Research Council  [PDF]

Sydel Silverman, "Writing Grant Proposals for Anthropological Research," Current Anthropology 32(4): 485-489.  [PDF]


Nithikul Nimkulrat and Tim O'Riely, Reflections and Connections: On the Relationship Between Creative Production and Academic Research. University of Art and Design Helsinki, 2009. [PDF]

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