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Number:     PGHT 5030 / LURB 4034


Type:           Graduate and senior research seminar (elective)



This course queries the design of knowledge as embodied in the archive, both historically and in the age of digital reproduction.  The main goal of the course is to introduce conceptual rigor and complexity to our understanding of archives, as well as the data, information, and knowledge that they embody and generate. Students examine a range of theories associated with the archive broadly conceived, and place archival practices within a critical-historical perspective. They consider archives as institutions that emerge at the nexus of discursive practices, and that operate as generators of social meaning and political power in their own right. Additionally, students identify a range of issues that surround the formation of archival practices, and acquire language to describe archival operations at a variety of scales--from the home and community to the nation and the empire.


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