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Title:            URBAN ECONOMIES:

                  MONEY, POWER, PEOPLE


Number:     LURB 3007


Type:           Undergraduate lecture-discussion course (required)



This course introduces students to a range of theories, concepts, and analytic tools germane to the political economy of cities. Students familiarize themselves with the general outline of the history of urban economies, and will be able to place phases of economic development in their proper contexts. They learn to analyze cities as both generators of economic vitality and landscapes transformed by economic change. Additionally, they learn to identify and characterize a range of public and private economic activities, indicators, and processes as these impact cities. Finally, they acquire language to describe economic activities at a variety of scales--from street level exchanges and household budgets to municipal finance and regional growth.


Links:           Syllabus

                     BBC shipping container model

                     Handy resource extraction graphic

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