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Title:             SENIOR THESIS SEMINAR


Number:      LURB 4900


Type:            Undergraduate thesis / capstone seminar (required)



The Senior Seminar is the culmination of the undergraduate experience for Urban Studies majors at The New School. The course is devoted to the conduct and presentation of a substantial research project. Each student works closely with the professor to develop a topic, design an appropriate format, sharpen analytic and writing skills, identify primary sources, and select methods. The bulk of work in the course takes the form of in-class exercises, writing, and peer review through multiple drafts of your papers. We also discuss the ethics of research, organizational approaches, and strategies for effective communication of results.  The thesis is the students’ opportunity to bring together the many strands of their education at The New School, and to organize them into original works of their own design.


Links:          Syllabus

                    Workshop I description

                    Workshop II description

                    Sample thesis topics


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