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Recent student projects in Historic Preservation

Against Preserving Penn Station


Five Drawings of Streets in Byblos


Reclaiming the Los Angeles River


What Will Happen to Harlem? The Implications for Rezoning 125th Street


Health Care Heritage: The St. Vincent Hospital Redevelopment Controversy


Urban Labor and the Aesthetic Heritage of Industry: An Unofficial Appendix to the High Line Self-Guided Visit


Photographic Essay on the Army Warehouse Complex in Brooklyn


Sara Delano Roosevelt Park: A Heritage of Diversity


Gowanus Canal: A Guided Boat Tour of the Industrial and Environmental Legacy


Ladies Who Care to Conserve: Gender, Heritage, and Identity


The Power of a Terrible Place: A Personal Visit to Auschwitz


Insurgent Heritage: An Alternative Guide to Jamaica's Plantation Houses and the Legacies of Slavery


Remembering the Flood: Efforts to Commemorate Katrina in New Orleans


Re-Imagining Coney Island: Speculations on the Future of a Place


La Avenida: Preserving Puerto Rican Heritage on Graham Avenue, Brooklyn


Comedy as Heritage: The Preservation of Small Performance Venues in Manhattan


Tomb Arts: Images of Death in the Abrahamic Religions

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