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My introduction to fieldwork came in college when I took a class with the anthropologist Philippe Bourgois.  As a graduate student, I studied field methods with Henry Glassie (architectural studies), Richard Bauman (ethnography), Sandra Dolby (narrative analysis),  and John Bodnar (oral history).  I have also devoted a lot of time to the use of photography as a field documentation method, including tilt-shifting, photogrammetry, data mining, stitching, serial archiving, and other techniques.  However, I learned the most about fieldwork from my spouse, Ashley Cruce, who studied antrhopology and conducted extensive fieldwork in East Africa.  She showed me how it really gets done in the field, and how to think integrally about methods!  For useful resources on fieldwork and field note taking, see this page.  You can see my process of translating field notes into data for research.

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