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                  THE DYNAMIC METROPOLIS


Number:      ULEC 2980


Type:            Large undergraduate lecture course with discussion sections (required)


TAs:              Melissa Amezcua, Olympia Mosteanu, Marissa Solomon,

                     Johanna Taylor, Leila Vivana, Mine Yildirim



This course introduces students to the development and expansion of the metropolis in the 19th and 20th centuries. While the focus is on the United States, examples are drawn from a range of urban agglomerations, including Mexico City, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Nairobi, Paris, Buenos Aires, and Mumbai. The main goal of the course is to introduce conceptual rigor and complexity to the examination of the urban regions. The course provides a strong foundation for future engagements with cities, whether in the everyday capacity as citizens, or as scholars, artists, designers, architects, bloggers, activists, musicians, journalists, curators, librarians, filmmakers, or agitators of one kind or another. 


Links:           Syllabus

                     Sample assignment: Multilayered Metropolis

                     Sample assignment: Urban Problem Solving

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