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Recent student research topics

The Future of Mass Transit in Quito: An Exploration of the Trollebus


Food Waste as Practice at the Culinary Institute

Keep it Local:  Planning a Thriving Business Corridor in Boyle Heights

Visualizing Economic Democracy in Lahore

Transit-Oriented Development and Placemaking in San Antonio's Urban Core


Istanbul's Infrastructure and the Discourse of Neo-Ottomanism


Resituating Urban Revitalization: The Historic Center of Mexico City in 2001


Urban sprawl in Brazil: The applicability of the ‘Smart Growth’ model to São Paulo


Canning New York: How Can Collectors Navigate the Urban Landscape


The Brooklyn-Queens Land Trust:  Examining the Scalability of Cooperatively Owned Land in New York City


Aviation Ambitions in East Africa: A Case Study of Airports and Global Competitiveness

Patrimonial Urbanism: Situating Sovereignty in the Planning of Dubai

(De)mapping the New York City Subway


The Body and the Stair: Constructions of Health through an Urban Artifact


Kingston Water Runs Deep:  Watershed Politics and Governance in the Catskills


Waste Pickers in Brazil and the Future of Sustainable Waste Management

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