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Number:      NURP 6008


Type:            Graduate thesis seminar (required)



The Advanced Seminar is the culmination of work for students in the masters program in Urban Policy, and an invitation to join a long tradition of creating new knowledge through practical research for which Milano and The New School are known. The course is devoted to the conduct and presentation of a substantial project in collaboration with an external client such as a non-profit organization, city agency, cultural institution, or advocacy group. Each student establishes a relationship with a client in her field of interest and signs a contract that outlines the scope of work to be completed during the semester. The bulk of work in the course takes the form of in-class discussions, regular writing deadlines, progress meetings with the instructor, and peer review through multiple drafts of your reports. This seminar is an opportunity for students to bring together the many strands of their education at The New School, and to organize them into a professional project of their own design.


Links:           Syllabus

                     Professional standards in applied social research

                     What is a Professional Development Report?

                     Recent student projects


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