Title:             CITY STUDIO


Number:      UURB 3031


Type:            Undergraduate studio (required for majors)


Synopsis:    The City Studio is dedicated to the advancement of 'urban pedagogy,' where

we approach cities as sites for collaborative learning, creative engagement, and social transformation. The goal is to build new knowledge, understanding, and awareness of cities and urban experience through the making of artifacts.


These artifacts will take the form of free, publicly accessible learning modules that can be downloaded and used by school groups, non-profit organizations, activists, tourists, local communities, and the general public. Learning modules will provide users with ways of critically and creatively engaging the urban world around them through observation, discovery, documentation, making, and reflection. The purpose of the modules is to aid groups and communities in practices of urban mindfulness, discovery, encounter, conversation, exchange, action, and critique. The work that we undertake in City Studio will help us and others to see the everyday urban world the surrounds us in new and exciting ways.


Links:             Syllabus

                                           Project Workflow: Spatial Affordances

  Project Workflow: Learning Modules