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Title:            CITY STUDIO


Number:      UURB 3031


Type:            Undergraduate studio (required for majors)


Synopsis:    The City Studio has been offered by the Department of Urban Studies since

2007.  For majors, it counts as a project-based learning course or, if you have already taken one, as a 3000-level elective.  For all students, it provides an opportunity to pursue collaborative work that leads to new understandings of cities and urban communities.  At the core of the course is a project requiring students to coordinate their activities in designing research, refining questions, conducting fieldwork, presenting findings, incorporating feedback, and producing a final product. 


In City Studio, you will spend the semester working in depth on one or more collaborative projects.  The projects and final products change from one year to the next, and depend on a negotiated consensus.  They may include outcomes such as a public space proposal, an environmental landscape study, a technical report, a City Landmark nomination, an archival project, a documentary video, an installation, or an exhibit.  They may even comprise a combination of media.


In all cases, the final product will contribute meaningfully to the ongoing work of urban community planning and design in the search for a more adaptive, just, and welcoming city for everyone. 


Links:             Syllabus

                      Student Work: Spatial Adaptations

                      Student Work: Patchwalks through the Pedregal

                                           Project Workflow: Spatial Affordances

  Project Workflow: Learning Modules

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